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PCBs Management Waste Management

GP&F Industrial Solutions has collected wide range of treatments for each type of waste with consideration of contingency situation.
GP&F Industrial Solutions has surmounted many projects in this field especially in PCB management. In addition, GP&F proposes other activities such as decontamination, dehalogenation and other high-tech treatments for PCB management.

POPs Pesticides Management

GP&F has overcome domestic and International projects for POPs Pesticide management such as DDT, etc. GP&F is proud to collect all DDT through disposing with the cooperation of FAO and Ministry of Health.

Waste Management

With a help of international and domestic experts and facilities, GP&F is proclaiming that we are able to present remedies for different types of wastes including hazardous and non-hazardous wastes.

Oil Disposal and Recycling

Environmental Protection Services specializes in the disposal and recycling of transformers and electrical equipment. GP&F also offers the service of recycling used transformer oil and resells that oil as a blend grade or a transformer grade oil.
GP&F can accept equipment and oil with any PCB level. For many years GP&F has led the industry for removing the liability associated with disposal of electrical equipment and dielectric fluid. PCB transformers, PCB oil, as well as Non-PCB equipment are all safely disposed of and recycled. Non-PCB and PCB-Contaminated equipment is disposed of through GP&F's custom designed furnace.

Industrial Cleaning Services

House Keeping (Industrial Cleaning Services):
GP&F is a leader of Industrial Cleaning services. In order to delight our customers we have gathered wide range of solutions so we would be able to respond their needs.
We are honor to be in charge for Housekeeping for well known Industrial plants such as steel plants, Iron mines, Copper plants, Cement plants, etc
With the help of our executive experts as well as handy equipment and vehicles especially Industrial vacuum cleaners we reach to position that our customers know Housekeeping by the name of GP&F.

ADR Vacuum Systems

A Series: The A series is the standard machine for suction, discharging and transporting ADR liquids. The A series is self-supporting industrial pressure-vacuum installation for suction, discharging and transporting hazardous liquids. Maximum flexibility, large tank volume, low total weight and compactness were key factors when developing this machine.

Sewer Vacuum Systems

This Vacuum has been especially designed for suction and jetting activities , ideal for unblocking, cleaning domestic and main sewers.

  • The design is highly compact and manoeuvrable and particularly suitable for city centers with narrow streets.
  • The high-pressure system enables customers to form sewer jetting, surface and drain cleaning.
  • The concept is characterized by its ergonomic design and user-friendly simplicity.
  • Both the frame and the tank are galvanized which guarantees a long life.
The reliable high-pressure pump leads to less maintenance on the machine.
  • You can easily unload the tank. This system also gives stable and safe road holding. Thanks to the low centre of gravity.
  • The system has been developed on the basis of experiences and has complied with all safty standards.

Sweeper Trucks

GP&F is a seller and cleaning service provider of high quality ADR, SEWER vacuum systems and SWEEPER for municipalities, petrochemicals, Factories, Mines and industries in order to suction and blowing hazardous materials. Our customers use these vehicles for the purpose of environmental protection by investing in these units which reduce harmful emission and maintenance costs in factories. In this regard, important aspects are reliability, easy to operate long life and economical efficiency.